I specialize in developing large data-rich applications, highly-distributed computing, enterprise search, natural language processing, media management, text understanding, machine translation, visualization, knowledge management, and data mining.

Some of my experiments:

  • “Yarg” – Yet Another ReST generator for Java, check it out on GitHub, or look for it in Maven Central.
  • “Fuzzer” is a simple Fuzzy Logic Tool, check it out on GitHub, or look for it in Maven Central.

Disclaimer: Blog posts/opinions are my own.

Recent Posts

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  2. IoT – Scalability and Availability- by Uwe Meding The Internet of Things (IoT) is a commercial reality. It is already changing the way that products are manufactured and sold, and the way we interact with them. Every time a consumer interacts with your product, they will expect a swift, seamless experience. They don’t care if ten million other products are... Read more »
  3. Blockchain – Smarter Security for the Internet of Things- by Uwe Meding Smart technologies are shaping the future of our cities, businesses, and homes. In particular, businesses are integrating smart systems across the organization on an expanding scale. By and large, this is mostly driven by the need for energy-efficiency and wide-spread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. At the same time, Blockchain... Read more »