Uwe B. Meding

Entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist with executive-level experience, technically proficient full-stack architect and engineer. I enjoy coding and solving big challenges to solve real business problems. Broad expertise in cloud software architecture, cloud computing, IoT, IT, network, and telecommunications architecture/infrastructure design, full project life cycle management, and process improvement initiatives. Consistent development of powerful business strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications. Excellent hands-on development skills.


2009 - present

Chief Technology Officer
eFacto Power (formerly OutSmart Power Systems)

Archiected, designed and (significantly) implemented the energy monitoring IoT platform and cloud (“big data“) software product

  • Load level energy monitoring, cloud-based distributed computing. Data visualization, trending (AngularJS, D3, Adobe Flex) →Energy UI screenshots
  • Customer-premise equipment (CPE) for high quantity, high speed, real-time data acquisition (Java 7/8, embedded Linux, C firmware)
  • Tera-byte sized time series database cluster (Hadoop/HBase/Kafka, Spark, Scala and Java)
  • Energy usage prediction and fault detection using machine learning systems (Java EE 7, R, Wildfly Cluster, Neo4J, MySQL)
  • Operation Support System (Java EE 7, Wildfly Clustering, Apache
    MQ, AngularJS) → screenshots
  • Managed outsourced development team in US, Spain, Romania, and India

November 2004 - August 2009

Founder and Principal
Meding Software Technik
  • Architected and designed utility/cloud computing for IT services (Java, CORBA, C, MySQL, Postgres)
  • Financial document mining and classification using NLP and k-means clustering (C, C++, Java)
  • Citizen journalism, document classification, and editorial support system using NLP and neural nets (Java 6/7, C++, PHP, MySQL)
  • Property tax calculation/validation (Java, MySQL, PHP)
  • VoIP integration for small retail operations and hospitality industry (Asterisk, Java, C)

April 2000 - October 2004

Chief Technical Officer
ChipData, Inc

Responsible for product development, and for advanced technology development for intelligent content creation, distributed content mining and  analysis (natural language parsing), intelligent content distribution. Awarded the Innovative Software Product Award from the Advanced Packaging Association (APA) 2003 and 2004

April 1995 - April 2000

Vice President Engineering

Co-founder and Principal, computer-aided design (CAD) interoperability and data mining technologies.

January 1991 - April 1995

Principal Engineer
Cadence Design Systems

Schematic design migration, waveform analysis software, electronic schematic and symbol generation.

Open Source
Author & maintainer of "Fuzzer" – a simple & light-weight fuzzy logic code generator; on GitHub or Maven Central
Yarg – Yet Another ReST generator for Java; on GitHub or Maven Central
uwemeding.com: Various articles on cloud computing; algorithms; software business.
Principal Component Analysis of Time Series; Sep 2013
Component Library and Design Interoperability: Protecting your most valuable design investment; U.S. Tech 19:8 (2004) p37ff
Design Chain Management; ChipData March 2003
Design Automation Conference 1996-1998; Research Paper Review Panel
Design Automation Conference 1996; Panel Member 'Issues and Answers in CAD Tool interoperability'
Technical Toolbox
Concepts Software Product Design; Enterprise Architecture; Software Strategy; OOAD; AOP; SOA; SaaS; Multi-threaded applications; E-Commerce; Fuzzy Logic System; Expert Shells; Neural Nets; Markov Processes; PLM/PDM
Computer Languages Java; JavaScript; Scala; Groovy; C++; C; PHP; Shell; Tcl/Tk; Lisp
Protocols & API  Hadoop; Spark; Java EE; CORBA; REST; RMI; RPC; Jess; AngularJS
Databases MySQL/MariaDB; Postgres; Oracle
Large Compute/Storage Systems Hadoop; HDFS; HBase; Replication; Failover
M.S. in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
University of Applied Science, Furtwangen, Germany